Our Features

Competency Cloud has been led in its design by our partners and customers in the construction sector. All our software features are developed with your industry in mind.

Competency Cloud was born when a large client approached us seeking a solution to their companies problem of monitoring all their training, competencies & resources easily. Competency Cloud helped them alleviate the need for rooms full of filing cabinets while also improving health & safety standards.

Organise all Training Records

Demographic employee management

Schedule automated report generation

Create bespoke reports

Links to official industry training accreditation databases

Email/SMS training records/documentation

Site Management

Short Duration Talks (Toolbox Talks)

Employee Driving Licence Management

Live Demographics

Our demographic feature shows you a live view of where your workforce is and what sites are ‘live’ – In this feature, we can search for the resource located close to a job site ensuring that labour is distributed efficiently and effectively.


Employee profile

Complete staff profiles, including all training, competencies and records. Store all the details of competencies with live up to date information, giving you real-time industry recognised information.


Live Training Calendar

Our training calendar helps companies like yours get organised with all their training events. The easy to use visual display makes sure that you are on step ahead when it comes to planning your training schedule.


Video presentations & history

This feature allows Competency Cloud client’s to not only upload all their video toolbox talks, inductions, training or briefings. It also allows businesses like yours to track who has watched the video’s and have a full historical view, centrally on our cloud platform.


Automated Scheduled Reporting

Competency Cloud has all the reporting functions you will need to manage your department. Our detailed reporting features allow you to pull any report from the data recorded using a range of filters. These reports can be scheduled to be generated and sent to the desired staff members at regular intervals, achieving full automation on your business reporting.


Job Role Builder/Competency Checker

This groundbreaking feature allows our users to build job roles that are unique to your business. By allocating multiple requirements in terms of skills/competencies you can then search your Competency Cloud database for the nearest match. Our unique scoring system means you can see the best match employee within seconds.


Employee Summary/QR Code

Each employee in Competency Cloud will automatically have a unique QR code generated for their profile. Our customers utilise this QR code on their security badges or allocate cards with the QR code on. This means at anytime supervisors can scan the unique QR code with any mobile device and it will instantly bring up the employees summary as you can see in the image. Instant checks, that now take 2 seconds and can be done at anytime!


Mobile Version/ Access Info Anywhere

Competency Cloud is mobile ready. Your mobile operatives can carry out checks and utilise Competency Cloud from their phones or tablets. Supervisors can now work on the go and with our bespoke user rights our customers can control access throughout the business. This allows the right people in the business the correct access, before Competency Cloud many of our customers were reliant on the head office to gain information on employees, this was a long and difficult process that required manual intervention.


We can help you get rid of all those filing cabinets of paper records and training events

  • Richard Wallbank , Health and Safety Auditor

    "Knowing we have a robust system in place to highlight and ensure we are compliant with the company policy makes auditing really simple and clean"
  • Sarah Turner , Resource Manager

    "Having a live system with alerts has ensured we have not had any expired training certificates, I know have a system that allows me to fully implement a training matrix to ensure we are getting value for money and making sure the right people are at the right places"
  • Adam Ward , Site Agent

    "Inductions on site are now a much simpler process, we save time and they are all around less onerous. Seeing all previous and current training/competencies lets me get a good understanding of my work force from the get go"

Our Clients

Just a few of our many Competency Cloud clients that we work in partnership with…